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Case Studies | Overview

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    Damage Assessment

    Large-Scale Hail Loss

    Following a hail storm in St. Louis, Missouri, an apartment complex owner submitted a claim with estimated damages over $100,000. Amset was hired to determine the actual extent of hail damages to 800 AC units. Read More >

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    Mechanical Engineering

    Determining Boiler Failure Liability

    A boiler for an apartment building was claimed as damaged by a dry-firing incident and replaced by the insured at a cost of $8,600. Amset was called to investigate the origin and cause of the damages. Read More >

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    Equipment Restoration

    HVAC System Repair vs. Replace

    A high end resort experienced damage to several parts of their chilled water HVAC system. Amset was asked to determine if replacement was necessary. Read More >

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    Electrical Engineering

    Facilitating Pre-Trial Settlement

    A fire occurred in an independent living facility, causing extensive damage to the kitchen and dining room areas.  Amset was called in to assist with the investigation into the origin and cause of the fire. Read More >

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    Salvage Services

    Increasing Loss Recovery

    A fire occurred in a large foundry causing damage to newly installed electrical cables. Amset was asked to inspect the cables and determine the cost for loss related repairs. Read More >

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    Project Management

    Expert Protocol Minimizing Risk

    An accident occurred when an employee was operating a boom lift and was found unconscious. Amset was retained to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. Read More >

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    In-House Lab Exams

    Comprehensive Investigative Amenities

    A fatal apartment fire occurred in Chicago, and the ensuing investigation involved many interested parties. Amset hosted more than thirty engineers and attorneys over two weeks of investigation. Read More >

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    Structure Fires

    Qualifying Successful Subrogation

    A fire occurred in a two-story residence in a Chicago suburb.  The insurance company of the homeowner hired Amset to investigate the origin and cause of the fire, and to evaluate potential subrogation .  Read More >

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    Vehicle Fires

    Identifying Potential Liability

    The owner had been inside the restaurant for two minutes when she was alerted that her truck was on fire. Amset was asked to investigate for any potential negligence leading to additional liability. Read More >

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    Uncovering unseen evidence

    Equipment used to burn volatile organic compounds suffered irreparable damage when an explosion occurred inside a packing facility near the Chicago suburbs.      Read More >


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