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Damage Assessment

Large-Scale Hail Loss

An 800 unit apartment complex in St. Louis, Missouri was in the center of a hail storm that had caused wide spread damages to the area. Following the hail storm, the complex owner submitted a claim with estimated damages over $100,000 related to the air conditioning (AC) units in the 35 building complex. Due to the fact there were no preexisting assessments of the AC units prior to the storm, it was the job of Amset to determine the actual extent of hail damage to the AC units.


Over the course of two days, Amset inspected over 800 AC units mounted on the ground, the walls, and rooftops on the various buildings throughout the apartment complex.  Based on the on-site inspection, Amset determined that only 26 units were damaged to an extent that would compromise their function.  Another 100 had cosmetic damage, and the rest were unaffected.


If repairs had been authorized without first conducting an inspection by Amset’s experts, the costs would have exceeded $100,000. With Amset’s findings, the claim was settled with total loss-related hail costs for under $5,000.

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