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Case Studies | Equipment Restoration

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Equipment Restoration

HVAC System Repair vs. Replace

A high end resort experienced damage to several parts of their chilled water HVAC system as a result of the “polar vortex” that impacted the Midwest in early 2014. The main component of the insured’s cooling system sustained damage to remote condensing coils along with the heat exchanger inside the chiller. Amset was asked to determine if replacement was necessary or if the equipment could be restored back to pre-loss condition.


Amset inspected and documented the damaged HVAC equipment located throughout the insured’s facility.  It was found that chilled water had entered one of two independent refrigerant circuits and migrated into the remote condensing coils. As a result of extremely low temperatures, the water froze and caused damage to the condensing coils and chiller unit. 


Amset assisted the insured and their contractor in developing a plan to restore the damaged equipment back to a pre-loss condition. Part of the scope included replacing the damaged condensing coils and making repairs to the chiller as replacement was not necessary. Several proposals were submitted that include complete system replacement at a cost of approximately $120,000. However, due to Amset’s involvement, the claim was successfully settled for approximately $96,000. This resulted in minimal business interruption for the insured and a faster turnaround than could have been achieved with a full system replacement.

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