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In-House Lab Exams

Comprehensive Investigative Amenities

A fatal apartment fire occurred in a high rise building in Chicago, and the ensuing investigation involved many interested parties. Evidence retained from the loss site was contaminated with asbestos and required further examination in a laboratory setting. Amset hosted more than thirty engineers, fire investigators, and attorneys over two weeks of investigation. 


Due to the asbestos concerns, all contaminated evidence was inspected inside of a negative pressure enclosure, complete with air scrubbers, decontamination chambers, and inspection windows. A digital microscope, ultrasonic cleaner, all necessary hand tools, and supplies were provided throughout the inspection. A video camera was used to monitor the inspection progress from multiple sight angles. A computer was installed with the ability to be simultaneously viewed and controlled from inside and outside of the enclosure, allowing for internet access and viewing of digital x-rays, digital microscope images, and inspection video (see photograph 1).

Access to the enclosure required the use of protective equipment including disposable coveralls and respirators. The windows through the enclosure and video camera system allowed the investigators and attorneys remaining outside the enclosure to view the progress throughout the inspection and collaborate with those inside. An industrial hygienist was present at all times during the inspection to ensure the safety of all participants and provide exposure records.


Amset's spacious facilities were easily able to accommodate the large group of participants along with the asbestos enclosure. Work facilities were provided complete with complimentary internet access, lunch catering, beverages, and washrooms (see photograph 2). Following the inspection, the evidence was repackaged for long-term storage pending resolution of all potential legal cases.

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