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Mechanical Engineering

Determining Boiler Failure Liability

A 500,000 Btu/hr steam heating boiler for an apartment building was claimed as damaged by a dry-firing incident and replaced by the insured at a cost of $8,600. Amset was called to investigate the origin and cause of the damages and determine the fair and reasonable cost for repair or replacement. 


Amset examined the components of the damaged boiler which were retained. The right end cast iron section was found heavily corroded, with a hole all the way through the metal (see photographs below).  Amset uncovered records that showed the boiler was 11 years old at the time of the loss and within its life expectancy. 


Amset determined that the initial claim of a dry-firing loss was incorrect, and in fact the boiler had corroded from the inside out due to oxygen contamination. Amset determined that the corrosion damages could have been repaired for $3,733, a fraction of the replacement cost. Click here for tips on how to prevent future lost claims due to misdiagnosed dry-firing claims.

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