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Salvage Services

Increasing Loss Recovery

A fire occurred in a large foundry causing damage to newly installed electrical cables. Amset was asked to inspect the cables and determine the cost for loss related repairs. Over 18,000 pounds of 500MCM insulated copper cables were scrutinized before coming to the conclusion that the cables needed to be removed and replaced. Amset was then hired to salvage and sell the damaged cables on behalf of the client.  


During the salvage assessment process, Amset determined the price for copper on the commodities market was low and unstable. At no charge to the client, Amset warehoused the copper cables in their secure facility and continually monitored the copper market price until it was advantageous to sell. After five months, the price for copper had risen considerably and Amset began the process of salvaging the copper to the highest bidder.


By waiting for market conditions to improve, Amset increased the salvage proceeds to the client by 37%. 

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