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Structure Fires

Qualifying Successful Subrogation

A fire occurred in a two-story residence in a Chicago suburb.  When first reported, eyewitnesses and first responders indicated that the fire started on or above the second story of the residence. The insurance company of the homeowner hired Amset to investigate the origin and cause of the fire.


During a joint scene examination in the following days, electrical and mechanical artifacts still remaining in the perceived area of origin were being scrutinized by other involved parties.  Amset noted burn patterns on the structural members and roof components, indicating that the fire may have originated on the exterior of the roof.

Additional inspections and interviews conducted by Amset revealed that a bonfire had been burning in an area adjacent to the residence when the loss occurred.  Weather reports indicated that high winds were present on the date of loss and were blowing in a direction consistent with embers from the bonfire depositing on the roof of the residence.  


Based on Amset’s findings, subrogation attempts against the party that started the bonfire were successful.

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