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Forensic Engineer

Origin & Cause Investigations

Structure Fires

In an origin and cause case, Amset investigators will arrive at the loss site as quickly as possible to document the scene prior to any alterations. Analysis of burn patterns and other techniques will typically locate the origin. In order to prove the cause of the fire, evidence that is removed during the fire scene excavation is methodically labeled and stored in our secured warehouse for future examination in the Amset laboratory.

Vehicle Fire Investigations

Amset has a staff of engineers uniquely trained to conduct specialty fire investigations involving vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, construction, and farm equipment. This group of experienced engineers has been trained and certified by the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI) and all are members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).


All of the engineers at Amset are Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators. Explosions must be analyzed to determine if they caused the fire or were the result of the fire. Securing the appropriate perimeter of an explosion scene, creating a grid pattern, and locating relevant evidence within that grid pattern will assist in determining the area of origin of the explosion. 

Evidence Storage

With more than 10,000 square feet of security monitored warehouse space for evidence storage, artifacts as small as a screwdriver or as large as a vehicle are sealed upon arrival, thereby eliminating any possibility of cross contamination or spoliation. Amset follows strict chain of custody procedures and has an in-house laboratory to conduct artifact examinations. 

Forensic Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Amset's electrical engineers have the knowledge, training, and experience to identify the origin of an electrical fire but most importantly identify the cause of the electrical fire. Both of these aspects are crucial for the insurance company to determine coverage or pursue subrogation. 

Mechanical Engineering

Significant damage, loss of property, and loss of business income can be caused by mechanical breakdown or failure. It is important to determine if the mechanical device at issue was defective, damaged by an outside agent, installed improperly, maintained improperly, not appropriate for its intended use, or stopped functioning due to old age or wear and tear. 

In-House Lab Exams

Amset has all the necessary equipment, tools, space, and accommodations to host both small and large multi-party laboratory examinations, and to complete either a non-destructive or destructive artifact examination.

Data Recovery

The cost of replicating data corrupted due to power surge, lightning, fire, or water can be enormous. Amset performs in-house data recovery on PCs, servers, and laptops. Data from damaged computers can be recovered with the proper techniques. Recovered data can be placed onto DVDs, portable hard drives, tapes, or transferred onto new computers.

Expert Witness Testimony

The resolution of an insurance claim can often become contentious. Amset engineers document their work meticulously and professionally with the anticipation of work product becoming discoverable for litigation. Amset experts have testified for both the plaintiff and for the defense in a wide variety of engineering disciplines. Amset has also participated in arbitration and mediation hearings. All Amset engineers have undergone training in how to prepare for and give a deposition.

Cost Analysis

Damage Assessment

A qualified engineering expert can determine if equipment and machinery damaged in a loss should be repaired, replaced, or restored. Amset will evaluate a loss and provide the client with the facts necessary to choose repair, replacement, or restoration. Such facts include warranty, turnaround time, parts availability, labor content, rigging, code issues, salvage, and more. Amset works with outside vendors to insure an appropriate and timely recovery for the insured.

Equipment Restoration

Dramatic cost savings can be realized when contaminated equipment is restored rather than replaced. Knowing what can and can’t be economically restored is often based on experience. Amset engineers have successfully recommended restoration on hundreds of projects when smoke, water, or other contaminates has rendered equipment inoperable.

Project Management

Amset routinely handles large, complex, mechanical and electro-mechanical losses. Loss recovery projects are carefully managed to efficiently and thoroughly return the insured back to a pre-loss condition.

Salvage Services

When it comes to electronics and technical equipment, Amset has the network and knows the marketplace to sell your salvage to the highest bidder, helping you to recoup dollars from claim payments.

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