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Damage Assessment

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Damage Assessment

Amset prides itself staying in touch with the true cost of goods and services. Many of our damage assessment projects involve determining the true cost of a technological good or service. There are many “high-tech” vendors who inflate the cost of a product because they deem it to be specialized. The vendor will bombard the insured or insurance adjuster with “techno-babble” to the extent that it is easier to capitulate and accept what the vendor is saying than to admit not knowing what is going on. Amset will question each and every cost for a technological service until a satisfactory explanation is presented.

The true cost of a piece of hardware is defined by many variables. Like-kind-and-quality, age, depreciation, obsolescence, pre-loss condition, maintenance, and other variables factor into what a true cost of the item is at the time of the loss. Amset has established a network of suppliers used to discuss the relevant options of repair, replacement, fair market value, salvage, and real world costs to facilitate any expedited damage assessment requests.

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