Equipment Restoration

Restoration Division

Restoration Division

Amset is continually called upon to consult on equipment that has been contaminated, exposed to mold, or has certain levels of corrosion. The question always pops up as to whether equipment can be restored or needs to be replaced. Amset’s restoration division, Zodiac Equipment Restoration, Inc. specializes in mechanical and electrical equipment evaluation and restoration.

Zodiac Equipment Restoration will actually perform the restoration necessary to return contaminated hardware back to a better than pre-loss condition. Sometimes a quote for restoration is all that is required to fulfill an assignment and assist in a claim settlement. However, if the insured wants to proceed with a restoration effort, Zodiac will perform the work, generate a report, document all findings photographically, and take pre and post wipe samples to demonstrate the level of cleanliness. Zodiac Equipment Restoration is a stand-alone company with its own client base but works closely with Amset if and when a restoration component of a loss needs to be addressed.

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