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Project Management

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Project Management

Amset has the experience and ability to manage large investigative projects. There are many keys to project management that Amset is aware of and consciously employs. Amset understands support is a vital component to project management and staffs experienced in-house support personal that have worked alongside the engineers on hundreds of projects. Amset cultivates the synergy to allow engineers to perform field work while in-house personnel will secure resources, prepare reports, perform research, create spreadsheets, and do whatever else is required to make things happen behind the scenes.

To ensure effective project management, Amset develops goals around a master plan that focuses on communication with all relevant parties. Constraints such as timing, weather, hazards, physical limitations, equipment, municipality cooperation, etc., also need to be recognized. Amset does not operate in a void but welcomes valid suggestions from all parties in an attempt to get things done quickly, efficiently, and safely. It’s all part of the balancing act necessary for efficient project management.

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