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Insurance Salvage

Over the decades Amset has been in business, we have worked with many vendors, suppliers, and buyers of equipment, involving new, used, and damaged machinery. Our relationship with these companies has strengthened Amset’s ability to liquidate damaged equipment with high returns. Partnering with numerous metal markets, Amset routinely sells copper from AC units, switchgears, transformers, and cables to the highest bidder. 

Amset can store salvaged items in their secure facility and continually monitor market prices for the precious metals until it is advantageous to sell. By waiting for market conditions to improve, Amset increase salvage returns exponentially with little to no additional cost to the client.

Even though a device may be inoperable, key components still function and are desirable in the third party marketplace. While assisting on forensic investigations, Amset will continue to research equipment that has aftermarket value to assist in lowering the cost of the claim for the insurance company. 

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