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Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery

Secure Data Recovery

When a traumatic event occurs, such as a power surge, brown out, lightning, or hardware failure, the data becomes vulnerable. Amset’s engineers have the technological expertise and experience to recover data from a myriad of operating systems. Amset has successfully recovered data from computers that have been in floods, fires, earthquakes, vandalism, construction contamination, and more. 

With technological advances expanding the capacity of data storage, more individuals are beginning to store larger quantities of data on fewer devices. Whether it is critical business data or priceless personal photos, it leaves the individual open to large losses of data when the storage device becomes damaged. Amset has dedicated a specific department to recovering such data. Our in-house data recovery process eliminates the uncertainty of shipping your precious data to companies located in California and abroad. 

Amset generates data recovery quotes at the onset of the recovery project, so all parties are aware of the financial aspect of the task at hand. Amset takes data recovery seriously, not just as a business task.

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