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Electrical Engineering

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Forensic Electrical Engineering 

A unique aspect of the engineering process at Amset involves peer review. By collectively addressing all possible scenarios using our entire engineering staff, Amset is able to formulate an unbiased certainty of the event, covering all angles, and bolstering our final conclusions for our assignments.

Every engineer is well versed in the process of subrogation, spoliation, chain of custody, depositions, and court testimony. Job files are kept in triplicate to avoid any possibility of losing valuable records due to a server failure or damage to the home office. Our technical capabilities include in-house digital microscopy, portable containment chambers for hazardous material related inspections, ultrasonic cleaning to remove debris, access to X-Ray and CT scanning to avoid destructive analysis, and every tool imaginable.

All of the forensic electrical engineers at Amset are also certified origin and cause investigators as recognized by the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI) and some are IAAI-CFI certified (International Association of Fire Investigators-Certified Fire Investigator) as well. Assignments performed by our electrical engineers include investigating the possibility of electrical contributions to fires, failures of electrical apparatus such as motors, high voltage switch gear, control circuits, process machinery, telephone systems, computer systems, radio equipment, and more.  

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