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Mechanical Engineering

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Forensic Mechanical Engineer

Every Amset engineer is well versed in the process of subrogation, giving depositions, chain of custody, spoliation, and court testimony. This cross training empowers Amset’s mechanical engineers the ability to address many insurance related functions simultaneously, while performing the technical rigors of forensic engineering.

The variety of losses our mechanical engineers have investigated range from micro-switches to 300 ton brake presses. Other disciplines within the Mechanical Engineering field which Amset has investigated include: HVAC systems, ovens, appliances, plumbing systems, valves, process machinery, cranes, elevators, boilers, and many more. Amset utilizes the latest tools technology has to offer including X-Ray, CT scan, metallurgy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), eddy current testing, magnaflux, and much more. 

All of the mechanical engineers at Amset are certified origin and cause investigators as recognized by the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI). Amset mechanical engineers are proficient at determining fair and reasonable costs for repairs and replacement of machinery and industrial systems. 

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